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Tswalu, Motswari

Kalahari + Timbavati - South Africa

Sally & Haley Huxley

It is easy to tell that Lance is a good photographer, but he is also an excellent teacher. Before we met Lance, the only F stops we knew were on the subway.


Lance has a beautiful way of taking whatever photographic knowledge you have and transforming you into an expert. He is a master at explaining everything you wanted to know about your camera (besides just how to turn it on) and how to seamlessly access the functions on your camera to get the right shot. From working in dim light to trying to capture a moving subject, Lance provides all of his tips and tricks to getting an award winning shot.


He is kind, patient, very funny, and a delight to work with. Whatever level of photography you’re at, have Lance help you transition from taking nice photos to breath-taking photos.


Hope to see you next year.

Djuma Game Reserve

Sabi Sands - South Africa

Jane Kinnear-Smith

I have been on photographic safaris with Lance Van de Vyver since 2018 when my husband, Andrew and I visited Djuma for the first time.


Since then we have been to Djuma every year as well as a spectacular trip to Mashatu in the green season in Botswana. We thoroughly enjoyed our trips, as Lance, with his extensive guiding experience, combined with that of the lodge guides, found us incredible sightings.


We have had the most amazing sightings; from leopards, to beautiful sundowner spots, special elephant encounters and exciting wild dog chases!


As a photographer it was important to Lance that he got us into the best possible positions to get great shots. Lance's knowledge of animal behaviour meant that he often anticipated what might happen in the sighting and he would tell us when to be ready to take the shot.


Advice on camera settings in the sighting such as exposure, shutter speed, aperture were invaluable and it was incredibly rewarding to come back from drive and download photos that were better than any I had ever taken.


In 2018 I was relatively new to wildlife photography, using a DSLR properly and I had never used any editing software before. I learnt a lot from the editing workshops held after drive and left each safari with new skills. There is always so much to learn. I have seen my photography improve over the years through what I have learnt on these safaris. 

Apart from the amazing sightings and great photographic tuition, Andrew and I enjoyed Lance’s enthusiasm, his sense of humour and passion for what he does. On all our trips there was much laughter and fun had. We both enjoy the way Lance and Kirstin manage to make us feel relaxed and comfortable in the group in a short space of time. This makes for an enjoyable safari experience with others newly met.
Kirstin hosted us on all the Djuma safaris with amazing attention to detail, ensuring we were well looked after and made to feel at home. On arrival back after drive we were always met with her infectious smile and a friendly chat. I can highly recommend going on a photographic safari with Lance and Kirsten, which is why Andrew and I keep coming back!
Looking forward to Djuma 2021!

Djuma Game Reserve

Sabi sands - South Africa

Daniel Koen

Djuma is one of the best locations to photograph big cats.


A photographic safari in comfortable accommodation with friendly hosts Lance and Kirsten is highly recommended. An ever smiling Kirsten takes care of all your hospitality needs and magnificent meals. It can be seen that careful thought is put into every detail.


Lance is an extremely skilled photographic guide whose enthusiasm is addictive. He has a wealth of knowledge in nature, photography and post processing of images. He happily shares this knowledge of camera settings for various situations, photographic techniques and post processing, no matter your skill level.


What is most remarkable about a safari with Lance and Kirsten is the relaxed atmosphere and the feeling that you are all part of the "family". All your needs are taken care of, from kind and friendly hospitality to the stunning environment, continual learning and sharing of photographic and post processing skills.

Djuma Game Reserve

Sabi Sands - South Africa

Adriana Peiris

When I first went on a photographic safari with Lance to Djuma in 2018, I wanted to see my first leopard in the wild. I had a DSLR camera and I already loved taking photos. However, I only shot in “automatic” mode and I had no idea when he was talking about “aperture”, “iso” and “shutter speed”.


Obviously Lance managed to change this and I learned so much from him. Lance is a very patient and clear teacher. On safari, he always makes sure that the vehicle parks in the best possible position at a sighting and gives you important tips regarding the setting. Thanks to him you will also learn some more artistic techniques like “panning”, “hi-key” etc.


Furthermore his knowledge and tuition with the post processing software “Lightroom” is exceptional. It will further help to improve your photos.


Besides his vast photographic knowledge, Lance is a very cool guy which always like to make some jokes in between. With him, it definitely never gets boring. A big reason why I went back with him to Djuma in 2019 and 2020. My photos have improved drastically and I can only highly recommend him.


Kirstin is the person behind the scene. She holds an immensely important position and makes sure, that everything run smoothly in camp and that all the clients feel home. If you need anything just ask her and she will make it happen. It is also always so nice to come back from a game drive and see her friendly and cheerful face.

Djuma Game Reserve

Sabi Sands - South Africa

Damon Hoskin

Could not have asked for better hosts! Lance and Kirstin left nothing to chance and our time in the bush with them produced memories that will last a lifetime.


Lance’s photographic expertise and guidance on and off the vehicle was invaluable. His assistance on drive as well as with Lightroom back at the lodge will benefit any photographer, whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginner starting out.


Kirstin made us feel at home from the moment we arrived and no request was too much trouble, her hospitality and hosting made our time in camp so enjoyable!


Overall, a safari experience not to be missed!


Thank you, Lance & Kirstin!

Djuma Game Reserve

Sabi Sands - South Africa

Rajen Vallabh

Had the pleasure of going on a Photo Safari with Lance. He is very knowledgeable on both the fauna and flora in addition to the photography. He also kept us entertained with all his little anecdotes from his adventures.
Kirstin was a great hostess and ensured that our special dietary requirements were fully catered to.

Djuma Game Reserve

Sabi Sands - South Africa

Joyce Miller

I met Lance and Kirstin at Djuma in 2019 and immediately loved them. With my little point and shoot and thanks to Lance and his assistance, I got some great pics.
We enjoyed beautiful sights, sounds, friendships and needless to say loved my experience with them.
Lance was a great guide. In addition to this knowledge of the camera, he can identify the cats in and around Djuma.
Do I recommend? YES, YES,YES!

Djuma Game Reserve

Sabi Sands - South Africa

Francois Venter

Lance and Kirstin the time I spent with you in Djuma was magical. Your attention to all the details of the trip was amazing. Sometimes just the small things like a hot towel when we return, to the details of every meal so skilfully prepared and presented. And of course the game drives and photography was great. What made it so special is how we were allowed to be in great photographic positions to make the most of each opportunity. On the days where there were less to see the game drives were still educational and very entertaining. I will gladly go on a safari with you again.

Mashatu Game Reserve


Adriana Peiris

This is definitely a unique destination, especially in summer when all the yellow devil’s thorns transform the landscape into a yellow carpet. This special time of the year provides unique photos with all kind of animals eating this flowers. The great thing about it is, that all animals look just stunning in this natural beautiful background.


With Lance’s expertise you will be able to take the best photos in this unique environment. Furthermore his knowledge and tuition with the post processing software “Lightroom” is exceptional. It will further help to improve your photos.

Djuma Game Reserve

Sabi Sands - South Africa

Debbie Stevens

Uncomplicated, professional and knowledgeable are just a few words to describe Lance van de Vyver.  I was impressed with Lance with his passion and knowledge and grasp of what we wanted as a group and as individuals.  Lance was able to simplify photography and the outcome was amazing photos to cherish from a trip of a life time.

Djuma Game Reserve

Sabi Sands - South Africa

Charmaine Lloyd

Having met Lance and Kirstin as hosts of a photographic safari, I know that they will make a great success of their own venture.


Lance, being an award winning photographer, has an awesome sense of humour and great enthusiasm in guiding any photographer to improve their skills, from the beginner to the advanced.


Together with Kirstin’s hosting, ensuring everyone is catered for, in-between drives and lessons, makes them a formidable team. Their passion for hosting, photography, wildlife and nature is evident from start to finish, and I look forward to joining them on one of their safaris this year.


Best of luck on your new venture, I know you will make a huge success of Panthera Photo Safaris.

Djuma, Pantanal & Mashatu

Sabi Sands - South Africa, Brazil, Botswana

Michael and Jennifer Hottinger

Panthera specializes in expert-led photographic safaris to spectacular destinations. My husband and I had the pleasure of travelling to three different countries with Lance as our expert guide and teacher.  His knowledge of animal behaviour and experience in the industry puts you, the photographer,  in perfect locations to get amazing photographic opportunities.  He is an awesome photography teacher and shares key tips and tricks to getting great shots.  He is an expert guide and is outstanding in his field- passionate, informative, engaging and entertaining.  


Kristin is the perfect host, itinerary manager and is integral behind the scenes.  She catered to our every need and keeps the camp running! The itinerary was very well thought out, combining leisure time with activity and not-to-be-missed for other educational and cultural experiences. 


The client is obviously at the heart of the itinerary planning, and attention to detail is second to none. I would highly recommend this company to anyone wanting a fun, relaxed, educational holiday with fine food - they will deliver!

Djuma Game Reserve

Sabi Sands - South Africa

Kevin McDonald

It has been my pleasure to participate in three photo safaris where Lance and Kirsten have been directly involved, with Lance as the photographic host and Kirstin doing duty at the front of house (and behind the scenes), both making sure their guests enjoyed the best possible experience.


As a photographic guide, Lance cannot be praised highly enough. Highly knowledgeable, insightful, and patient with even the most demanding individuals, he makes it his mission to make sure guest gets the shot. As his prize-winning photographic portfolio will testify, he is an expert in his field and always does his best to impart that vision and expertise to his clients. Apart from proficiency behind the lens Lance is able also to share his post-processing skills in Lightroom in a most accessible way in the classroom setting, thus ensuring that his guest not only captures the image, but is able to process it to best effect as well.


While all this is happening, Kirstin is busy in the background ensuring that the creature comforts of the safari guests are not forgotten, making sure delicious meals are served at the end of long days in the bush and always ready with a smile in response to the most trivial request and keeping track of each individual’s particular needs.


With these complementary talents Lance and Kirstin make an excellent photographic safari team. I wish them well as they launch Panthera and have no doubt their efforts will result in many happy clients in the months and years ahead.

Djuma Game Reserve

Sabi Sands - South Africa

Remo Engelbrecht

" If there were one more thing I could do , it would be to go on safari once again." - Karen Blixen said, and this I can say as well for Lance… I would definitely do another photographic safari with him….you learn a lot and he gives you many tips to improve your photography , and there is always time for a joke or two!


Thanks Lance ! Hope to see you soon ! Remo Engelbrecht

Djuma Game Reserve

Sabi Sands - South Africa

Joan D'Arcy

Anyone joining Lance on a photo safari is in for a treat. His own wildlife photography is award winning and he encourages and educates his guests to get images that they can be proud of. His affable personality and knowledge of wildlife and the bush contribute to a very worthwhile experience. I have joined him on two occasions with a third coming up soon.


Kirstin is a friendly and competent hostess who adds to the overall enjoyable experience. Nothing is too much trouble for her. I always feel that the stay was too short.


I unreservedly recommend a photo safari with Lance and Kirstin to photographers of any level.



Andries Theo

My India trip exceeded all expectations. We have heard from so many other sources that the tigers are so hit and miss, well with the correct planning not so! We managed 12 sightings in 6 drives! 


We spend a morning walking through the temple in Ranthambhore National Park. Photographing the Langur monkeys on foot and from close up was truly special. 


The food at the hotel was incredible and never repeated. I can still taste the naan bread now. 


Cannot wait to go back!

Sabi Sabi

Sabi Sands - South Africa

Nicola Ann

My family and I did a trip to SABI SABI and Lance was our guide the entire time.

He picked us up on the runway and drove us to Selati Camp, on the way we spotted our first leopard with its kill.

We had amazing sightings everyday and being able to track animals and then drive off road was fantastic.

Lance was so knowledgeable about all the flora and fauna. Nothing was too much trouble and we enjoyed having the jeep to ourselves.

Lance also helped a lot getting us in the best position for some spectacular photo opportunities.

It’s a trip we will never forget and I definitely recommend Lance to anyone wanting an amazing Safari experience.

Nicola Ann

Djuma Game Reserve

Sabi Sands - South Africa

Sam & Alex Pearson

My sister and I have been on safari with Lance as our photography guide and Kirstin as our host on three different occasions in the Sabi Sands in the past 2 years and we have absolutely loved ever second of every moment with them. We are always looking for ways to go back with them.


Kirstin is on top of everything, it runs like clockwork. She's always there for a chat and incredibly down to earth. Nothing is impossible for Kirstin.


Game drives with Lance is always a great time and always more than just photography. There are so many laughs and stories going around. Lance has taught both of us an incredible amount about photography in such a short time. Every time we meet up with Lance we come back with so much more knowledge and the confidence to try different techniques and settings, in many different situations. On Lightroom, Lance can do anything! It's fascinating to watch him process his photos. You are always learning and improving when Lance is around.


Together Kirstin and Lance are unstoppable. They are very professional yet welcome you like they've known you and you've known them for years! If you are looking for a great experience and some incredible photography moments, Lance and Kirstin are the way to go! We can't wait to join Kirstin and Lance back on Safari in the near future!

Djuma, Kruger, IRL & Mashatu

Sabi Sands, Karongwe, Malelane - South Africa & Botswana

Leanne Santana

I have been on a few photographic safaris with Lance and Kirsten to the likes of  Djuma (a few times)  as well as Mashatu in Botswana and had the most fabulous time. 


Lance is a dedicated photographer and no matter how many times he had to show me the same thing before it sank  in, he did so with the utmost patience and a smile on his face. His love for people and photography is evident in his dedication to his job. He teaches so well and was also able to assist me with editing in Lightroom. I still have zoom sessions with him when I get stuck with something.


Lance has a wonderful sense of humor and is really fun to spend time with. 


Kirstin pampered to our every need and nothing was too much trouble for her to ensure we had a good time and also always with a smile on her face and happy to go the extra mile. Kirstin also prepared some delicious meals for us at Djuma. 


I learnt so much and can highly recommend booking a trip on anyone of their trips.  

Djuma Game Reserve

Sabi Sands - South Africa

Ed & Marilyn Johnson

We've been going on safari with Lance van de Vyver for a number of years now.                

Most of our trips have been at Djuma , Sabi Sands. If you want to see leopard up close and personal, this is the place to go. I believe Lance's photographs speak for themselves.

He always adds a smile to your face and humour to the situation. As a professional photographer he is always willing to answer every question and has no problem imparting his knowledge.                                                                                                     

Together with his fiance Kirstin Gerhard they make a great team. She runs the kitchen and bar. The food is great and her attitude and personality adds to a great time for everybody. We wish you all the best in your new venture, and assure you of our support.

Djuma Game Reserve

Sabi Sands - South Africa

Jenny and Chris Lombard

We have had the great pleasure of experiencing the professional partnership of Lance and Kirstin on a photographic Safari in Djuma, Sabi Sands.


The photographic Safari experience led by Lance and the guides was uniquely personal, giving us close proximity to the Big Cats (lion, cheetah and leopards in particular). The “on tap” photographic advice gave us both the opportunity to produce the best possible photos.



Kirstin was the perfect hostess, ensuring our every comfort with delicious meals served right on time, ever the smiling face she’s a joy to have there welcoming us in every way to Djuma which is a gem of a lodge.


We were so happy, we’ve booked a third experience for July 2021.


Jenny and Chris Lombard, 02/05/2021 Bern Switzerland



Nicola Ann

We had a fantastic trip to India with Lance as our Photographic Guide. The trip was well organised and the accommodation and food were great.


One of the highlights was Lance teaching us how to get the best tiger shots and how to take action shots of the wildlife. We were very lucky to have tiger sightings each day.


We thoroughly enjoyed our Indian trip and can highly recommend a Photography Safari with Lance.

Djuma Game Reserve

Sabi Sands - South Africa

Eloise McKnight

I've had the pleasure of going on a Safari with Lance and Kirstin in one of the private Safari camps in South Africa.


Lance is an excellent photographic guide, he takes the time to talk you through which settings to use on your camera, how to take more advanced photos (like panning) and how to do some basic editing.


He also has exceptional knowledge of the native wildlife and plants and animals behaviour because of his past experience as a guide. Kirstin is an excellent front-of-house, she is always warm and welcoming and makes sure you have what you need whilst on Safari and makes your stay very special.


I couldn't highly recommend more to go on a Safari with these two if you have the opportunity, you won't regret it!

Mashatu game reserve


Ed & Marilyn Johnson

We went to Mashatu in February 2020.  It was an amazing trip with the flowers in full bloom. Lance always adds a funny twist to any situation.  His photographs are excellent and he is happy helping and imparting his knowledge to his fellow photographers. We wish you all the best in your new venture, and assure you of our support.

Mashatu game reserve


Daniel Koen

This is a bucket list destination, especially in summer when the flowering devil's thorns transform the landscape into a yellow carpet, providing exquisite backgrounds in your photographs. This combined with an exceptional guide in Lance, makes this an unforgettable experience.


Lance's photographic knowledge and guiding skills together with his friendly nature makes for an amazing experience. His assistance on the game drives ensures that you are able to take magnificent photographs yourself. His knowledge and tuition in post processing software (Lightroom and Photoshop) is exceptional, helping you to get the most from your photographs.

Djuma Game Reserve

Sabi Sands - South Africa

Nicola Ann

We are grateful to have enjoyed a couple of fantastic safaris to Djuma with Lance as our Photographic Guide and Kirstin hosting us and overseeing the fabulous food that we enjoyed several times a day.


We were lucky enough to see a number of leopards, lions with cubs, cheetah and wild dogs. It was a great learning experience and we both learned a lot about our cameras and how to get the best shots.


We highly recommend a trip with Lance and Kirstin, they both go out of their way for you to thoroughly enjoy the safari experience.

Djuma Game Reserve

Sabi Sands - South Africa

Deepak K Daya

I was fortunate enough to travel with Lance and Kirstin to the Sabi Sands. Kirstin was efficient, friendly and highly organised, which made our stay and meals outstanding.


Lance was amazing during the safari, sharing his knowledge of the bush, animal behaviour and photography. At the lodge he helped with post processing tips.


Highly recommend team!

Kambaku River Lodge

South Africa

Allison & Tony Hunt

I was lucky enough to spend some time at Kambaku River Lodge on the Crocodile River and go on a photographic safari with Lance Van de Vyver of Panthera photo safaris as our guide and teacher.


On that safari I learned so much from Lance about photographing Wildlife and also editing which resulted in me taking some of my best images.


I would totally recommend to anyone, no matter your knowledge of photography, to try and go on one of these safaris.


Kambaku river lodge is an amazing lodge and the owners and staff are of the highest quality. Kambaku combined with Panthera Photo Safaris and Lance is a dream team.  


My husband who is not a photographer decided to accompany me and he enjoyed the safaris and lodge as much as I did!

Tswalu Kalahari

South Africa

Holly & Mark Needham

We met Lance and Kirstin at Tswalu Kalahari in July 2016. Lance was our guide and his enthusiasm on the truck was contagious. Also, as a photographer he knew exactly where to park for us to get great photos and went the extra mile to get us memorable, rare sightings (2 pangolin, aardvark and aardwolf on 1 drive!!).


His knowledge of the wildlife and the area was outstanding too. Since 2016, we’ve become good friends and have even had him join us at &Beyond Ngala Tented Camp for an afternoon.


He and Kirstin are a down to earth, hardworking, fun, and honest couple who love wildlife and giving people the greatest experience possible. We look forward to spending time with them again in the bush very soon.


Mark & Holly Needham Corvallis, Oregon USA

Mashatu game reserve


Saul Ravkind

I have been fortunate to be able to visit Mashatu the land of giants on a photographic trip and what a special place it is. The location, accommodation, mesmerising landscape and abundance of wildlife (many location specific) make this easily one of the best places to visit. To top this all off and really pull it all together in terms of what I hold in high esteem is an extremely knowledgeable guide/naturalist and fellow photographer and this is where Lance shines bright. His ability to read situations is extraordinary. I recall setting ourselves up by a Mashatu tree (one of many) for a female leopard to arrive that had been meandering through the bushes and devils thorn flowers for a fair distance and yes she chose to climb this specific tree and settle down....pure luck maybe regardless it was incredible, and I have many more stories like this with Lance. If you want your trip taken to a really special level then Lance is your go to.

Delta, Chobe & Vic Falls


Nicola Ann

I did a three part solo trip to Botswana and Zimbabwe, staying on the Okavango Delta, Chobe and Vic Falls with Lance as my guide. What an experience!


Okavango Delta
We were at Pom Pom Island for only two nights, but on our few safari drives we saw lechwe, reedbuck, warthogs, elephant, leopards, lions and numerous new bird species for me. We also did a Mokoro (canoe) ride on the River seeing many hippos and elephants. It was a unique experience and I highly recommend Lance as a guide/photographer.


One of my dream trips was to the Chobe River and Victoria Falls.
Lance joined me on this trip.
Our first cruise along the Chobe river we experienced a herd of elephant swimming across the river right in front of our boat.  What a photo opp that was! With Lances help I got some amazing photos, especially of the elephants and also the abundant bird life.


Next stop was Victoria Falls.
This was the relaxing part of my trip. We of course walked along the Victoria Falls which was so impressive. We also did a fishing trip on the mighty Zambesi river, Lance caught the only fish but it’s a beautiful river and very enjoyable.

Definitely recommend Lance as a private guide and amazing photographer helping me get some once in a life time photos.



Andries Theo

One of the most amazing safaris I ever went on was a trip to Tanzania with Lance and my wife.

We stayed in a beautiful mobile camp in the heart of the Wildebeest Migration. Listening to the sounds every night through the canvas was a memory I will never forget.

We managed to see two crossing, and two crocodile kills, as well as many other animals including cheetah, leopard cubs, lions, elephants and all the general game. 

At the time I was mostly an Iphone shooter, but with the help of Lance's vast photographic knowledge I managed to bring home some amazing images for my walls.

This safari was eye opening to what is out there, I can highly recommend!

Kambaku River Lodge

South Africa

Paul Botha
Excellent Photographer and have learned so much in four days as a beginner at Kambaku River Lodge Safari.

Thank you Lance

Londolozi Private Reserve

Sabi Sands - South Africa

Frank Tonikngson

One of the best photo guides I have had the privilege to travel with!


Lance always goes the extra mile to make sure his clients get the absolute best photographic opportunity. When I first met him I was a beginner, but now I am confident around my equipment. At no time on any trip did I feel intimidated by him or the other photographers, which I have felt with other companies.


Unlike other "guides" who I have been with, he never positions himself in the best position. Many times I have been with him he has had no view of the animal, or is positioned behind a bush so that his clients get the best shot!


His knowledge of wildlife behaviour and photography are amazing and I feel I learn something new every time I am with him.


Kirstin is a fantastic host, always willing to chat and ensure the guests are happy when at camp. She is never far to top up a drink and check in on you, making your time in the bush very relaxing. 5 out of 5, I would recommend to anyone!

Djuma Game Reserve

Sabi Sands - South Africa

Francois van der Westhuizen

Lance is an exceptional photographer.

More so, he is able to share his creativity, vision and technical skills when you are on his vehicle. This allows you to not only capture portraits or the standard photographs normal safaris lends itself to, but those really special, once in a lifetime photos.

Also having an intimate knowledge of the bush and animals, it really makes traveling with Panthera’s owners worthwhile, every single time.

Cannot recommend spending time in the company of this photo-guide enough.

Mara North Conservancy


Nicola Ann

We spent 10 incredible nights with Lance as our private guide in Kenya. We stopped over in Nairobi at the Giraffe Manor, a simply must do for everyone, visited the Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage before making our way to the Mara North Conservancy.


The Mara North was one of the most fabulous places I have ever visited. We saw lions on every drive, one of the best destinations if this is what you are looking for, as well as elephants, buffalo, multiple cheetah, day old lion cubs, leopard and even drove to the National Park for one day and saw two wildebeest crossings! 


I can highly recommend traveling with Lance. He got us into the best position multiple times and seemed to know what the animals were going to do even before they did.

Djuma, Indlovu River Lodge

Sabi Sands, Karongwe - South Africa

Dee Roelofze

Congratulations to you both, Lance & Kirstin on your new adventure & company.


Gavin and I have no doubt that you will be highly successful given your passion, ambition, drive & knowledge.


You have had years to hone your skills on the service side which is exemplary!


Understanding people & their needs is key to success in your industry & you both have that skill in heaps!


We wish you all the very best for the future!

Djuma Game Reserve

Sabi Sands - South Africa

Riaan Mac Gillicuddy

I spent time with Lance and Kirstin at Djuma in 2019 and both are superb individuals. Professional and knowledgeable in their fields of guiding, camera skills, wildlife and hosting groups of photographers. I am looking forward to supporting their new venture in the near future.



Jurgens Potgieter

Exploring the Pantanal and photographing jaguars was always a dream of mine, this became a reality when I joined Lance on a private 7-day Pantanal tour.


Lance is a great photographic guide, I learned new photography technics and improve greatly on my photography knowledge. The local guides Panthera makes use of also made a huge difference to our success, as many of the other guides on the river speak no English. This type of planning made for a once in a lifetime trip.


Can't wait to go to India for the Tigers next!

Djuma Game Reserve

Sabi Sands - South Africa

Saul Ravkind

Had the privileged of being hosted by Kirstin and Lance at Djuma on a number of occasions.


Kirstin has great attention to detail, and is just a kind caring sole, she ensures that you feel welcome and cared for and never misses a beat. Kirstin does an amazing job hosting at the lodge and definitely takes your overall experience to another level. Kirstin is such a professional and you just know you in good hands.


Lance is the other half of great team, an extremely knowledgeable guide and professional photographer. I have been extremely impressed with Lance’s naturalist and guiding expertise, which as a fellow photographer come in to play in understanding animal behaviour, a big part of wildlife photography and being able to position for the best possible shot.


I have no reservation recommending this dynamic duo of nature enthusiasts to share their enthusiasm and knowledge of Djuma, a place they know better than most, making it an unforgettable trip.

Rhino Dehorning

South Africa

Jurgens Potgieter

Our rhino dehorning was the most amazing experience of my life. To be up close, to touch, to hear, to smell, to feel the incredible power of these amazing animals was something I will never forget. I have seen many rhino in my life, but to get hands on and help protect them as a species was truly special.

I cannot wait for the next time I can help out our wildlife! 


Hwange - Zimbabwe

Nicola Anne

I booked a private safari with Lance to Hwange. Our main goal was to photograph elephants in the open and we had many great opportunities to do so. Linkwasha was an absolute stunning lodge and a great recommendation from Lance. It was the perfect amount of Luxury to wild ratio that I like. Cannot wait for the next one, most likely South Luangwa!

Mashatu game reserve


Bruce and Gill Mager

Gill and I were privileged enough to accompany Lance on 3 different photographic safaris and what an absolute pleasure they were!! Not only was he delightful company but his bush and photographic knowledge was brilliant. We both look forward to many more trips with you Lance !! Regards Bruce and Gill Mager

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