India is a heady combination of colour, aroma, and chaos – a cultural destination with an age-old civilisation and religious expression; but it is also the home and heart of the world’s tiger jungles and territories of the black panther, where photographers flock to capture these rare beauties in their remaining natural habitat.

Ranthambhore in northern India is one of the largest national parks in the country and it is one of the only places to see the Bengal tiger. Here in its natural jungle habitat, the 200kg big cat prowls the forest floor among thriving birdlife, sloth bears, leopards, striped hyenas, chital deer, langur monkeys, peacocks, and crocodiles. Between bone-dry winters and lush, jewel-like summers, Ranthambhore is heaven for wildlife photographers.


Photographic Workshops

Ranthambhore is an incredibly popular photography destination and there is a variety of shots, scenarios, and sightings that visiting photographers hope to capture during their stay, but without a dedicated photographic schedule and private guide, getting everything you want out of this experience becomes a challenge.

This is why we designed our Ranthambhore photography workshop – to prioritise our photography guests’ needs and prepare them for the magnificent sightings and encounters with tigers in the jungle, black-faced monkeys in the forest temples, peacocks in full display, and leopards slinking through the trees. With Lance as your private guide, his experience photographing in Ranthambhore will be at your disposal throughout your trip.

Photographed by award-winning Lance van der Vyver from Panthera Photo Safaris.

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Price on application

Seven unforgettable game drives in search on India’s most famous big cats in Ranthambhore National Park. Seven game drives + one morning session inside a temple photographing black faced monkeys.

custom dates available

5 days / 4 nights

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We had a fantastic trip to India with Lance as our Photographic Guide. The trip was well organised and the accommodation and food were great. One of the highlights was Lance teaching us how to get the best tiger shots and how to take action shots of the wildlife. We were very lucky to have tiger sightings each day. We thoroughly enjoyed our Indian trip and can highly recommend a Photography Safari with Lance.
Nicola Anne

My India trip exceeded all expectations. We have heard from so many other sources that the tigers are so hit and miss, well with the correct planning not so! We managed 12 sightings in 6 drives!We spend a morning walking through the temple in Ranthambhore National Park. Photographing the Langur monkeys on foot and from close up was truly special.The food at the hotel was incredible and never repeated. I can still taste the naan bread now.Cannot wait to go back!
Andries Theo

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