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Book professional field guide and award-winning wildlife photographer Lance van de Vyver as your private guide throughout your journey and benefit from his photography tuition and safari experience from beginning to end.


A private guide elevates your entire travel experience, not just your game drives and wildlife encounters.

You will benefit from the expert knowledge of a seasoned wildlife and photographic guide, but you will also have hands-on assistance with your travel arrangements, check-ins, and communications along the course of your itinerary. This is the ideal way to journey through a new country or cover a variety of safari destinations seamlessly and in the company of a qualified pro.

As a photographer, a private guide will be there to give you tutelage and advice as you require it, enhancing your experience behind the lens. With a practiced history working in wilderness environments, Lance can advise on appropriate camera gear and equipment in particular wildlife sightings, and predict the behaviour of animals. setting you up to capture the best images you possibly can. It is a one-on-one dedicated experience.

From a customised safari point of view, opting for a private guide means total personalisation of the journey. Private game viewers for you and your family, an adaptable safari schedule designed to suit your needs, more time in the field, at photographic hides, or searching for specific species.

It is an entirely exclusive, tailor-made experience.



A privately guided experience is crafted specially for you, with your preferences and priorities in mind. When using Panthera Safaris as your Private Guide, we ensure:

  • Exclusivity – your own safari schedule dictating time spent on game drive, at a hide, or a waterhole.
  • One-on-one tuition – personal tutelage and advice from Lance on photographic technique and equipment.
  • Private vehicle – a game viewer dedicated to you, which means more space on board and more freedom on safari.
  • Freedom in sightings – the ability to look for certain species or remain in a sighting for longer than usual.


Select your dream destination with your priority in mind – whether it be photography, big cats, or star-gazing – and allow us to ensure your destination delivers. A private guide will:

  • Prioritise your sightings or photography goals in each destination
  • Liaise with teams in each destination to ensure your needs are met
  • Advise on seasonal changes, animal behaviour, or availability of activities at various destinations.
  • Handle all the logistics and administrative tasks related to travel, transfers, and check-ins


Choose the accommodation that appeals to your level of luxury, comfort, budget, or location. This is your customised experience and we will ensure you find your dream accommodation in your destination of choice.


If you’re intent on locating some of the rarer species, migratory birds, or wildlife adapted to specific habitats, a private guide can maximise your chances by:

  • Advising you, pre-travel, about the right location, season, and circumstances for targeting certain species
  • Maximising your time in the right areas to increase your chances of landing your special sighting
  • Conducting your game drives with your goal in mind, so that all efforts are focused on locating your bucket list species



Get in touch with Kirstin or Lance if you have any questions about private guiding as an option for you. Lance is a seasoned private guide and has accompanied his guests to some of the world’s most sought after wildlife destinations.

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Panthera Safaris Top Destinations

There’s no denying Panthera Safaris passion for cats, and if we can’t be home with Peanut and Pickles, we’d rather be seeking out the world’s most iconic big cat species with our camera in hand. Panthera Safaris has conducted some of the most memorable photographic workshops and privately guided safaris in big cat areas and has first-hand experience witnessing guests’ dreams come true in the presence of a lion, leopard, or tiger.

Why choose Panthera Photo Safaris?

With Africa in our hearts and years spent guiding and travelling to wildlife destinations around the world, our small team operates from experience.

We offer fair and completely transparent pricing. Our rates are no more than booking direct with the lodges, but come with the advantage of all additional services and logistics included in your itinerary.

First Hand knowledge
We’ve explored our own back yard and we’ve jetted to the small corners of the earth to discover our natural world. Let our first-hand knowledge guide you.
Owner Operated
Founders Kirstin and Lance are hands-on throughout your travel process and are present during your privately-guided journey.
Africa Based
We are located in the hub of the safari scene, in the Greater Kruger region of South Africa. Working from Africa and in Africa is the secret to our success.