The beacon of the African safari experience, Tanzania’s parks and reserves are where some of the most iconic wildlife scenes unfold. From the great migration circulating the Serengeti to the verdant crater floors and great lakes of the Rift Valley, it produces some of the best photography opportunities continent-wide.

Our photographic safaris are focused on the illustrious northern circuit, home to the great migration, which has been documented repeatedly and is known as one of the greatest spectacles on Earth. While it can be incredibly overcrowded, we work with privately-run luxury lodges and concessions within this wildlife corridor to deliver all of nature’s drama to our guests without the throngs of onlookers.

Photographed by award-winning Lance van der Vyver from Panthera Photo Safaris.

TANZANIA top destinations

Tanzania’s most popularly visited destinations are in the north of the country where the Serengeti National Park, Grumeti corridor, and Ngorongoro Conservation Area host the enormous spectacle that is the great wildebeest migration. The Ngorongoro Crater itself is known for some of the greatest game viewing on Earth in an unusual and unique setting – a volcanic caldera! These are our top destinations in Tanzania.

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best of serengeti

From $8,500 / per person sharing

The vast open plains of the southern Serengeti offer insight into why Serengeti was so named, being derived from the Maasai word for the endless plains. Join us in one of the worlds most predator rich areas.

12th - 23rd February 2024 - 8 spaces remaining
Available as a Custom safari

12 days / 11 nights

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Photographed by award-winning Lance van der Vyver from Panthera Photo Safaris.


From $10,696 / per person sharing

Tanzania is a bowl you over country: big, bewitching and breath-taking at every turn.

12th - 23rd February 2024 - 8 spaces remaining
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10 days / 9 nights

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This is a bucket list destination, especially in summer when the flowering devil's thorns transform the landscape into a yellow carpet, providing exquisite backgrounds in your photographs. This combined with an exceptional guide in Lance, makes this an unforgettable experience.

Lance's photographic knowledge and guiding skills together with his friendly nature makes for an amazing experience. His assistance on the game drives ensures that you are able to take magnificent photographs yourself. His knowledge and tuition in post processing software (Lightroom and Photoshop) is exceptional, helping you to get the most from your photographs.

Andries Theo

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