Our photographic workshops are privately guided by award-winning photographer, Lance, in some of the world’s most illustrious wildlife destinations. These set-departure, small group safaris are designed to take advantage of the best seasons for photography in the best areas for certain wildlife species.


Specially designed for keen wildlife photographers who want professional guidance in the field, our workshops are opportunities for like-minded people to get focussed attention and hone their photography skills.


Workshops are conducted at a handful of excellent locations that cater to the needs of our photography guests, putting their needs first, and enhancing the experience tenfold.

Panthera workshops

Please note that all of these scheduled trips can be booked on a private bases outside of the dates mentioned, in which case they will be re-costed based on the number of participants.

Starting from $4,750 / per person sharing

Experience nature like never before as we photograph one of Africa’s most amazing locations from vehicle and on foot, which promises to produce unique and beautiful images.

Starting from R26,500 / per person sharing

Looking for leopards? Join us in one of Africa’s most productive areas for big cats. This trip is geared towards leopards, but also provides fantastic opportunities to photograph the other 4 of the big 5.

Starting from R45,000 / per person sharing

From the warm welcome you receive upon arrival, to our comfortable chalets, hearty home style cuisine and highly experienced rangers, every guest departs with unforgettable memories and the imprint of Africa in their soul.

Starting from R16,800 / per person sharing

One of the most beautiful lodges in Southern Africa, spend four nights relaxing by the river and visiting the world famous Kruger National Park, whilst learning how to master your camera.

Starting from R22,500 / per person sharing

Feel alive as we go on drive in this private corner of the Timbavati where we search for the Magnificent Seven – elephant, rhino, buffalo, leopard, lion, cheetah and wild dog.

Starting from $3,950 / per person sharing

This safari includes three exclusive morning hide sessions photographing elephants from ground level, as well as five game drives photographing the amazing species within Mashatu.

Starting from $3,500 / per person sharing

A sea of yellow. One of the most unique times of year in the whole of Africa. We aim to run this safari during the brief rainy season to try and photograph Africa’s most iconic wildlife surrounded by yellow flowers.

2022 from $14,215  / per person sharing

2023 from $14,915   / per person sharing


Hugging the banks of the Mara River, Ngare Serian is perfect if you’re after that ultimate elusive luxury, photography and seclusion.

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Tigers of India

Booked on request


Seven unforgettable game drives in search on India’s most famous big cats in Ranthambhore National Park. Seven game drives + one morning session inside a temple photographing black faced monkeys.

Jaguar Portrait, Photographic Safaris, Photographic Tours

Pantanal Wildlife

Booked on request


Five days on the Pantanal River searching for the most amazing South American wildlife. From Jaguars, Capybara, Caiman, to Howler Monkeys. This location is also one of the most popular destinations for keen birders

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Get in touch with Kirstin or Lance if you have any questions about our workshops, or what option might work best for you. We’ve got first-hand experience working with guests in these destinations and would love to give you any advice you need.

Terms and Conditions

Please peruse and consider the entirety of the contents of our terms and conditions as your payment and participation in the Safari and related activities serves as proof of your acceptance.

Covid 19 Policy

The South African tourism industry has developed comprehensive protocols for the operation of all types of tourism businesses and facilities in times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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